Professional References

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Industry References


Port Consolidated Oil Company - FL

(Fuels, Lubricants, Cardlocks, Deep Draft Marine Fuels & Lubes and Contract Carrier)


Petroleum Marketers, Inc. & Stop In Stores - VA & WV

(Heating Oils, Motor Fuels, Lubricants, C-Stores & QSR’s and Common Carrier)


Aero Energy - PA, MD & DE

(Heating Oils & Fuels, Propane, NG, HVAC, Cardlocks and Contract Carrier)


Peninsula Oil & Propane & Uncle Willies Stores - DE & MD

(Heating Oils & Fuels, Propane, HVAC and C-Stores)


Fuel Facility Management, Inc - FL

(Fixed Based Motor Fuels Management and Site Development)


Canal Refinery Co. and Bayou Food Stores - OK & LA

(Refining, Fuels & Motor Fuels, Lubricants and C-Stores)


Williams Oil & Propane and Dandy Mini Marts - PA & NY

(Propane, Heating Oils, Motor Fuels, Lubricants, HVAC and C-Stores)


Petroleum Products Co. and One Stop C-Stores - WV

(Heating Oils, Motor Fuels, Lubricants, and C-Stores)


Anchor Oil Company - KY

(Heating Oils, Fuels, On-Site Fueling and Cardlock)


G. H. Blouch Fuel Service and Blouch Stores - PA

(Heating Oils, Motor Fuels and C-Stores)


Glassmere Fuel Service and Glassmart Stores - PA

(Heating Oils, Fuels, Motor Fuels, Lubricants, HVAC and C-Stores)


Mountain Fuels - PA

(Heating Oils, Motor Fuels, HVAC and Cardlock)


Hillside Oil Company - DE & MD

(Heating Oils, Fuels, On-Site Fueling and HVAC)


H. C. Lewis Oil Co., Inc. - WV

(Heating Oils, Fuels, Motor Fuels, Lubricants, HVAC and C-Stores)


Whitelock & Woerth, Inc. - PA

(Propane, Heating Oils, Motor Fuels, HVAC and Mini-Store)


Scarborough Oil & Propane Company - MD & DE

(Propane, Heating Oils, Motor Fuels, and HVAC)


Rhoades Energy - PA

(Heating Oils & Fuels, NG, HVAC and Cardlocks)


Professional & Banking References


Levenson, Katzin & Ballotta, P.A. - FL


Valuation Consulting Group, Inc. - CA


Financial Planning & Management Center, Inc. - MD


Miles & Stockbridge - MD


Magee, Foster, Goldstein & Sayers - VA


StellarOne Bank - VA


First American National Bank - TN


Fulton National Bank - PA


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