Our Services

As a pioneer in providing professional consulting services to the independent downstream sector of the energy industry, Robertson Weaver & Associates has extensive hands-on proven management, marketing and operational enhancement and turnaround experience which has resulted in the development of comprehensive index of reliable industry-wide data on Management,

Marketing and Operational "best practice" benchmarks ... accurate Valuation ratios and values ... along with Merger & Acquisition trends and values.


These wide-ranging perspectives enable us to provide our clients with the most credible, accurate and independent analysis and guidance aimed at:

  • Enhancing our Client’s revenue stream & bottom line while improving cost containment.
  • Improving our Client’s overall sales & marketing programs along with personnel enhancements.
  • Providing an accurate and supportable Business Valuation, Asset, Enterprise or Stock Value.
  • Assisting our client in realizing full value for their business and business assets.
  • Assisting our client in accomplishing a value added, strategic acquisition.

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